Merrick’s Tusk & Jonah Matranga

We’ve been sorting through a load of old video footage this week and came across all of the videos of our tour with Jonah Matranga in October/November last year. We had the pleasure of joining Jonah on stage to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Far’s Water and Solutions – a massively inspirational album for us. As well as supporting Jonah for around 6 dates we also got to fanboy as we played the part of Far for the full album run-through!

The tour was an absolute blast and we played some awesome shows in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Liverpool and Leeds. Luckily we managed to record the entire last show at The Key Club in Leeds and we’re in the process of uploading it all to our YouTube channel as we speak. And a massive thanks to Neil Thomas who captured a couple of tracks at the Bloc+ show in Glasgow too!

Check out the playlist (so far) here: Jonah Matranga & Merrick’s Tusk – 20 Years of Water and Solutions

Keep your eyes peeled as we upload more.

John, Sam, Ad and Tim



New Music Videos

Our latest music videos are now up on YouTube! The video to the first single from the album ‘Blueprint’ is available to watch above and we’d love to know what you think.

We had the pleasure of recording this video with our good friend Eric at Bigger Boat Films over at Eakring Studios in Nottingham. We wanted to create a video that captured the bleak nature of the track and the message around the hateful attitudes in the English media around the EU referendum. It’s a subject that hit us hard at the time and is still having a huge effect on the whole of the UK – not least for people trying to make music and the restrictions that Brexit has brought us face to face with.

We’ve got another video in the works as we speak for another track off the album so keep your eyes peeled. We’re also working on something else special which we’ll let you know more about soon!


John, Sam, Ad & Tim

Upcoming Merrick’s Tusk Gigs

We’re heading out on a few dates later this month to support the release of ‘Between the Earth and the Trees’. Come and catch us on the following dates!

21st June – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds with Brooders, Bloodhound and Sea Legs

22nd June – Leith Depot, Edinburgh with Getting Away With Treason and Nelson Savage

29th June – The Lantern, Halifax with Wot Gorilla?


Merrick's Tusk and Brooders at Hyde Park Book Club LeedsMerrick's Tusk and Getting Away With Treason at Leith Depot EdinburghMerrick's Tusk and Wot Gorilla at The Lantern Halifax

Between the Earth and the Trees

Now available!

Our debut album is now available on all the usual streaming sites along with a limited edition 12″ version over on our Bandcamp page.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in any way over the past couple of years, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today without you ❤

Merricks Tusk Between the Earth and the Trees

Vinyl Pre-Orders Now Live


Merrick's Tusk Between the Earth and the Trees 12" Vinyl

Our debut album is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp! ‘Between the Earth and the Trees’ is released on 3rd May – any pre orders of the album get instant access to our first single ‘Blueprint’ (which you can listen to on the post below) along with a full download of the album once it’s released!

Get your pre-orders in here:

New Music – Blueprint

We’ve now released the first single from our upcoming album ‘Between the Earth and the Trees’. Blueprint was the first track we wrote for the album and the first track written with Sam in the band full-time.

We wrote this track following the outcome of the EU Referendum. Although we aren’t (and would never claim to be) a political band, everything to do with Brexit is something that we all individually oppose. The hateful, vindictive and quite simply racist attitudes which were thrown around at the time and poorly disguised as ‘national pride’ were, in our minds, absolutely abhorrent.

This track is our reaction to those opinions and how they have affected us and the rest of the UK population.

The awesome guys over at Punktastic premiered the video too.

Between the Earth and the Trees – Pre-Order!

Merrick's Tusk Between the Earth and the Trees

Our debut-album ‘Between the Earth and the Trees’s is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon Music!

Pre-Order your copy here!

We’re giving instant access to the track ‘Turn Out The Lights’ with every pre-order placed from today. The full album will be released on 3rd May via Undead Collective Records.

The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered last year with Jason Wilson (Dinosaur Pile-Up, Reuben, Fightstar) at Stakeout Studios in London. Jason really put us through our paces with the recording of this album and we’re super proud of the end result. Everything from the initial pre-production sessions to the couple of weeks we spent in the studio getting everything just right has culminated in an end product which matches exactly what we wanted to achieve from the outset.

This is an important album to us personally as it deals with issues we’ve all dealt with, both individually and as a band, around anxiety and depression. The majority of the lyrics come from John’s viewpoint but common issues we’ve come across such as Brexit (dealt with in the track ‘Blueprint’) and the feeling of wanting to walk away from the band (dealt with in ‘The Ache’) are a focal point.

We hope you enjoy the album as much as we have done writing, recording and playing it live.


Turn Out The Lights

We’ve just released the next live session video from our trip to Mount Street Studios. The guys at Mount Street were awesome, pretty much giving us full reign over the live rooms at the studio and helped with everything from lighting to positioning to overall sound quality to make sure the videos came out as best they could.

Lyrically this track deals with the fight, flight or freeze reaction to danger and the anxiety that those situations can bring. “I’m like the breeze between the earth and the trees” – the feeling of being less rooted and connected than other friends in social situations, breezing through the evenings being introverted.

Mental health is an important issue for us as a band as has a consistent theme throughout the new album. It can be a hard thing to talk about but it’s something that people should feel comfortable discussing.


Between The Earth And The Trees

We’ve been holding out on this news for a little while, but we’re delighted to now say that our debut-album ‘Between The Earth And The Trees’ is due out for release on Friday 3rd May via Undead Collective Records.

We recorded the album last year at Stakeout Studios, London with the incredibly talented Jason Wilson (Dinosaur Pile-Up, Fightstar, Reuben) and we can’t wait to share the results with you all. Jason put us through our paces and really pushed us to create something we can all come away from feeling incredibly proud.

Also, we want to say a massive thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us along the way. We love you. For now, you can see the live session of ‘Hold The Waves’ we recorded at Mount Street Studios last year…



We’re now part of Undead Collective!

We’ve got some exciting news! We’ve just signed to the awesome Undead Collective Records, joining an ace roster of bands including Brightlight City, Loose Tooth, Seasonal & Best of Enemies and we’re hella excited.

Next year we’ll have a lot of new stuff to share including our first album ‘Between the earth and the trees’ – hopefully some of you guys have already caught us at a gig getting these new tunes out. We will, of course, be touring the release across the UK (and hopefully Europe) so once we’ve got all our dates sorted we’ll get the word out.

Oh yeah, we’ve also got some new merch over on Bandcamp.