New Music Videos

Our latest music videos are now up on YouTube! The video to the first single from the album ‘Blueprint’ is available to watch above and we’d love to know what you think.

We had the pleasure of recording this video with our good friend Eric at Bigger Boat Films over at Eakring Studios in Nottingham. We wanted to create a video that captured the bleak nature of the track and the message around the hateful attitudes in the English media around the EU referendum. It’s a subject that hit us hard at the time and is still having a huge effect on the whole of the UK – not least for people trying to make music and the restrictions that Brexit has brought us face to face with.

We’ve got another video in the works as we speak for another track off the album so keep your eyes peeled. We’re also working on something else special which we’ll let you know more about soon!


John, Sam, Ad & Tim